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Leagues Ahead

At the heart of goalunited LEGENDS lies an extensive and complex match calculation system, making it the most advanced in-depth football manager game for newcomers and experts alike. So whether you’re playing 5 minutes or 90, you’re sure to get a challenging and rewarding experience.

More Than Football

goalunited LEGENDS is more than just football. You’ll be up against some of the most passionate and strategic managers from around the globe. Compare your statistics, showcase your players, share your hard-earned achievements, and stand out from the competition.

Global Recognition

From the ground up, transform your stadium into something truly spectacular! Customize it your way, build each level, choose what to prioritize, and see your hard work pay off. Gain sponsors and new staff members as you and your team become more renowned.

Shape Your Legacy

You’ll not only need to use your managerial genius on the pitch but off the pitch, too. The expectations of your loyal fans will only rise with your continued successes, so you’ll have to think about keeping them satisfied. What about a larger fan shop? Or perhaps a modern fast food restaurant? Define how you want your legacy to be remembered.

Ready to

become a LEGEND?